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Patrick Leung




Since owning his first property at 19 years old, Patrick has grown a remarkable portfolio that exceeds 6 million dollars in valued assets and succeeded in maintaining a personal inventory of over 50 units. As a Canadian owned company, Centaria today manages more than 20 million dollars (in assets), majority of which is in joint partnerships that collectively measures close to 200 units. It is largely due to these facts and the numbers that many of these joint ventures with Centaria Properties have been with the company for over 10 years with their sights on the long-term.


Patrick’s sensible and friendly attitude is what really shines through. He is definite in his understanding of what makes a successful real estate investment and this lead him an undisputable success. With his endeavor and eyes set on bigger opportunities, Patrick’s background emerged progressively over the years, from a casual property investor into a professional whose name carries prestige and delivered results.


Join Patrick and Centaria and become a part of the modern real estate investment industry with a vast array of opportunities that await you.  With a man who has the vision to see further and get results that make a difference now and in the future.


Grow your portfolio and become part of the investment family that wants you join the pioneers united.