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Superior experience for the modern investment world starts with Centaria.


Established under the strictest guidelines with absolute transparency, Centaria is one of the companies that succeeded in transforming and elevating the process of real estate investment within and across Canada. At Centaria Properties, we let you embrace the true potential of modern convenience and personable, client oriented service.  With our collective real estate expertise, you can be sure that you are receiving the care, service and attention you deserve.


Well-selected real estate investment opportunities


Centaria Properties is where untapped opportunities are discovered and made available to clients along with expressed understanding that only the most effective and best returns on investment should be presented. We simply cannot abide by the principle that each and every offer that comes our way should be taken. Our team’s diligence ensures that we select only those that have been assessed and analyzed for their longevity and returns. We understand and appreciate the importance of working with our clients. Thus we offer the best insight on plans, portfolios and properties to reap real results.


Professional team with exemplary results


With Centaria, you get to enjoy the convenience that comes with personalized services to take care of your investments and see them grow. From professional property management after purchase to legal, accounting, and mortgage brokers, your future is bright with our team at your side. Centaria’s extensive network includes realtors and investment specialists within Windsor (ON), Vancouver (BC), Richmond(BC) and Surrey(BC), eager to provide you with the insight and the understanding of local and global trends and expectations. We also have other investment teams in Thunder Bay (ON), Regina (SK), Chilliwack (BC), New Westminister (BC) and Medicine Hat (AB).


Quality and consistent customer services


Our monthly reporting practice performed by our local team means that you will be kept well informed and offered with up to date correspondence should you have immediate concern and requirements at any given time. We make sure our availability and readiness to cater your needs will meet your utmost expectations. This is because we strongly believe in the importance of maintaining client trust in order to build success.






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