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Doris Leung

Market Strategist

Energetic and meticulous, Doris Leung shares a story that is common for so many Canadians. Born in Hong Kong, Doris moved to Canada in 1989 and spent her formative years enjoying the benefits that come with a multicultural home life.


Certainly inspired by a family already well-respected in the real estate industry, Doris was surrounded in the world, absorbing the culture and adopting a passion that has only grown over the years. A graduate from the globally-recognized Simon Fraser University, she found no difficulty entering and excelling in the real estate industry.


Her hard work and almost-instinctive talents at analyzing the market and responding to the specific needs of her clients has brought with it a reputation for going above-and-beyond the call no matter the size or specifications that a task may require of her. Backed by well-deserved accolades and notable scholarships, Doris’ success seems almost a natural reflection of her drive and professionalism.


Doris’ talents are clear across her character that are further highlighted by multilingual abilities and critical thinking supported by analytical approaches to her personal and professional life. Serving a wide variety of clientele, Doris can easily navigate through conversations in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. This very same intellect carries through to her experience as a realtor and benefits those who want to work with a professional who is constantly optimizing their character.


Her proven track-record of client care and results is highlighted by a charitable character who enjoys giving back to her community. She does this by volunteering at retirement homes and in hospitals where she assists, interacts, and offers a supportive ear to the elderly.


Her efforts and focus are paired by a friendly attitude that quickly establishes itself as responsible, loyal and sincere.


Doris will quickly establish herself as an incredibly reliable and trusted realtor.

Her experience is a combination of working for both local and international clients, with a talent to establish quick relationships based on solid, undeniable results. Her focus is on helping clients to buy/sell real estate with an ease that is sure to impress those looking to enter, or already established, in the industry.


Recipient of the Gold Sales award in 2014, Doris is a driven leader and proven asset to every project she is involved on.