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Clarissa Lao

Project Manager



Clarissa Lao’s life story seemed to set her on a path to business even before she was born. With a family full of entrepreneurs, it would have been a fight for her to avoid a calling as strong as the blood coursing through her veins. As Centaria’s Regional Manager, Clarissa Lao brings her wealth of knowledge to individuals and projects with a tenacity that is founded on proven results and professional accomplishments.


Possessing a quick wit that matches her technical approach for every situation, Clarissa's ability to recognize the scope and the requirements of any project she's presented with means results aren't far off. Honing her business skills at the University of Alberta, Clarissa has been involved with pitching deals, project management, renovations, as well as the approval processes for construction and development permits. Her work put her in touch with city planners, architects, and members of industry that were struck by her effective and direct approach to tackling projects of all sizes and requirements. Her competitive edge in this industry originates in her ability to adapt, grow and learn and absorb new information and skills. A feat that has been honed by mentors from a young age and throughout her professional growth. For those looking for experience, look no further than Centaria, a company that showcases how to be successful in real estate investment.


With Centaria you earn the respect that comes from the hardest working and boldest people who would go the extra kilometer for every client. At Centaria the focus of Clarissa’s vision is on expanding the market and offering clients a superior service that works for them, with them, and because of them, in a quantifiable effort to pave the way to better futures for all that seeks them.