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About Our Firm


Centaria’s success start with our proven assessment practices and are followed by analyzing the market, location, financials and value in making decisions that get results. We specialize in acquisitions, contributing to the value of and managing a wide range of investment properties including multifamily rental properties in prime growth markets that enjoy low vacancies and visible returns.


Professional Programs and Services


The world is filled with opportunities just waiting for the right people to get involved at the right time. You are that person and now is the time. While other companies may cut their connection with investment options and advice, Centaria operates differently. We want to offer you the insight and the knowledge to be able to look at the world with experienced eyes and understand where you can make the biggest impact. Learn with us and gain the skills to take hold of your future.


With Centaria we want you to know that you can learn how to look at the market, understand and anticipate what is going to happen and how to orient yourself for long-lasting rewards. Our goal is to guide you in learning how the system works.


Speaking Engagements


    Do you want to hear more about how our team has refined the investment process and created a lasting presence in a community that has deep roots and generational experience behind it? With Centaria, you can expect a developed methodology that fits the new shape of the real estate investment.


Consultation Services


Learn how our adaptive entrepreneurial practices gained attention from our competitors as we step ahead of the pack and set the new standards for the industry as a whole. We offer insight as well as turnkey solutions to business models of all sizes and platforms both in residential and commercial sectors.